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A Sense of Place

Healing at Solomon Brook Farm, July 26, 2014

A one day event to enjoy receiving the curative energies of Solomon Brook while learning and benefiting from the experience of the stewards of the land, Helga and Lloyd. Read more...

Sense of Place workshops

Sense of Place is a series of summer workshops created on sites where appropriate stewardship is being practiced and/or where changes in that direction are being made.

"Appropriate stewardship” is when actions are taken as a result of a respectful relationship with the land and the beings on it.

Participants are invited to come to the land to experience it “through the eyes” of the steward(s), and to learn about ways that we can all deepen our spiritual connection to nature. We all get to share our stories in the safe container of a circle, celebrating this ancient way of coming together which all our ancestors enjoyed in ancient times and which we don’t want to lose in the future.

Nancy and Brenda join the host(s) at each selected landsite and facilitate a day of exploring and communicating through drumming, movement, sound, and other tools that we have been given to use over eons of time.

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About Sacred Nova Scotia

We live in beautiful Nova Scotia, land that is a vessel for spirit. When Europeans arrived here First Nations people were already living with a sacred and very practical way of life, having made a success of thriving for thousands of years.

Many new people arrived over time, some say the Vikings, or even the early Irish, certainly the French who became Acadians, Huguenot Swiss Germans, Loyalists from the USA including Afro-Americans,  Scottish people driven out by the Clearances, later Irish, victims of famine, and of course the  early flow of Jewish peddlers and professionals, Lebanese, U.S. draft dodgers, Vietnamese “Boat People”, just to name a few, right up to the immigrants arriving today.

Blomidon, with the Iron Cross in the foreground commemorating the deportation of the Acadians in 1755In the history of Nova Scotia the connection of people to the land has been foremost in creating an opportunity for them to create new roots  and well being no matter what their original culture.

Nancy and Brenda Marita Mason are co-facilitating special day long events intended to help new arrivals, seasoned residents, and travellers to Nova Scotia to understand how to connect with the land in Nova Scotia and to develop spiritual applications for listening to its dream. The practice of connection can be carried out with the intention of creating harmony for land and all of its beings, anywhere we live. This event can help participants understand how  to create protection, healing and a future  of wellness for themselves and their environment.